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2021 SaveYourRefund Promotion Details

The 2021 SaveYourRefund contest is now closed.

The SaveYourRefund contest gave entrants a chance to win one of 105 cash prizes up to $5,000!

Each tax season, households making less than $50,000 claim $100 billion in federal tax refunds. For many Americans, that tax refund is the largest check their family will receive all year. This windfall provides the perfect opportunity to start or grow savings for an emergency fund, education, new car fund or other goal.

Who’s eligible to enter?

The SaveYourRefund $100 Sweepstakes was open to U.S. residents who are 18 years old or older and satisfy a low-income and/or have taxes prepared at a VITA or Tax-Aide/TCE site and fulfill savings documentation requirement.

Verified savings documentation methods include:

  • Form 8888
  • 1040 form
  • Direct Deposit form
  • Savings deposit confirmation slip
  • Photo of savings deposit amount (screenshot)
  • Bank statement with deposit information (or a photo)
  • Bank statement or welcome letter for newly opened savings accounts (or a photo)
  • Using to search for a savings bond (will need SSN)

Income limits for eligible entrants by household size:

How do I enter to win each contest?

Step 1: Complete the Sweepstakes Entry Form. We’ll be randomly selecting 100 prize winners of $100 throughout the tax season!

Step 2: If you enter the SaveYourRefund $100 Sweepstakes, you’re also eligible to enter to win the $5,000 Grand Prize Photo & Caption Contest. Complete the Grand Prize Entry Form by submitting a photo and caption that illustrate your motivation for saving. Entrants will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Creativity and Originality of Submission (50%)
  • Quality of Story / Description, including a clear outline of entrant’s savings motivation in response to one of the four (4) prompt questions (35%)
    • Prompt 1: What are your financial goals?
    • Prompt 2: Why is having emergency savings important to you?
    • Prompt 3: When did you first learn about saving or start to save?
    • Prompt 4: Write a poem or haiku related to financial goals or savings.
  • Quality and Clarity of Photo (15%)

At the close of the tax season, AARP Foundation will select five $5,000 Grand Prize Winners: two prize winners from the total applicant pool and three prize winners over age 50!

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